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Legacy Giving

Remembering Foodbank in your Will is a reflection of your caring concern for people in your community who are in need. A bequest to Foodbank enables you to do what you perhaps cannot do during your lifetime and provides an ongoing testimony to your desire to make a difference. A bequest is a way to continue making a positive, life-changing contribution and will ensure Foodbank receives the vital support we need to realise the vision of an Australia without hunger. It also acts as a beacon to others encouraging them to do likewise.

Tribute Giving

When a cause has touched someone’s life, as a relative or friend you may wish to commemorate them in a way that reflects that connection. One way of doing this is to request that a donation be made to the cause of their choice, in place of flowers at a funeral. Most undertakers will organise this as part of their service, but you can also donate directly to Foodbank.

You may also wish to mark an occasion as a lasting tribute to someone you wish to remember – for example by making a donation on their birthday every year.


If you and your family would like to discuss leaving a bequest for Foodbank WA, please contact Lee-Anne Ashley (08) 9258 9277. You can also email ua.gr1455322535o.awk1455322535nabdo1455322535of@ye1455322535lhsa.1455322535enna-1455322535eel1455322535

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