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September 26, 2017







Sadie is an OAM and is a straightforward kind of gal. She was a pioneer in the Australian union movement and earned a UN Medal of Honour for her service to the community. She’s now in her eighties and suffers social isolation or, as she puts it, has “outlived all her friends and family.” Living in Glebe, in Sydney’s inner west, Sadie struggles to afford rent, bills and groceries on her pension payments. So she visits the café in her local community centre to have a meal and maybe pick up a food parcel to get her through the week. She’s gradually becoming less and less mobile but is eager to make sure she continues to get all the nutrition she needs. Her weekly visits aren’t just to pick up food though, they provide a valuable opportunity for socialising with other women in the area. Sadie loves sitting down for a cup of tea, a piece of a cake and a good chat.

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