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July 17, 2018

When Tania* lost her partner unexpectedly a couple of years ago, she was stricken by grief. She remembered how tough it was for her and her daughter at the time and was extremely grateful for the emergency food relief that she received.

“They turned up with a pile of food and we couldn’t believe it. When they came back the next day they even brought us some toiletries, which we desperately needed.”

Struggling to make ends meet, Tania now cares for her 11 year old daughter who has autism. She said her main priority is paying  rent to keep a roof over their heads and provide a stable home life for her daughter.

“When I pay rent, that’s half my pay gone instantly, then there’s the bills which can’t be put on the backburner; and school expenses.”

Tania said affording enough food is really difficult and she does what she can to make sure she can give her daughter a meal.

“We have food but we struggle a lot, if it wasn’t for the help from food charities such as Foodbank WA I really don’t know what we would do.”

“We get by with the basics and I look for whatever is cheap. I often skip meals to make sure my daughter eats.”

Tania said having access to food relief helps her and her daughter dramatically.

“When we run out of food I get stressed and then my daughter feels the stress. You guys help in every way because that pressure is instantly alleviated, because we don’t have to worry where our next meal is coming from.”

“It is one less thing we have to stress about”.

There’s still time to donate to our Winter Appeal. Please, donate now.

*Name changed for privacy.

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