5 Ways to get your 5 a day!

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August 2, 2018
  1. Get more veg at breakfast. The earlier you start including veggies in your day, the more chance you will get your 5 serves in. Fritters and omelettes are delicious breakfast options that you can add any veggies too.  Why not try our K-Pow Fritters, Speedy Cheese Frittata, The Dicer Slice, Vegetable Fritters or simply adding spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes to an omelette.
  2. Choose veggies for snacks. Veggies are the perfect choice for dunking into dips, spreading, munching and crunching.
  3. Sneak in extra veggies. Try grating or pureeing extra veg and add into sauces, baking, soups or smoothies.
  4. Try something new. Do you always go for the same veggies? Add a new veggie or a new vegetarian recipe to your menu each week.
  5. Add flavour with herbs and spices. Take your veggies from bland to grand, with herbs and spices!
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