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Food Sensations® for Adults

Food Sensations® for Adults is a FREE nutrition and cooking program designed to provide low to middle income adults with a good understanding of healthy eating, as well as skills in how to purchase and prepare healthy foods. All sessions are hands on, fun and provide a safe environment try new recipes and skills.  The program is open to organisations with established groups, the general public and to Community Resource Centres via video conferencing. Food Sensations for Adults is funded by the WA Department of Health.

Food Sensations for Adults is a 4 session* program (no one-off sessions) which covers a variety of nutrition topics. Each session will run for approximately 2 hours each and include 1 core topic and cooking.  The core topics are:

  • Healthy eating
  • Label reading and food selection
  • Meal planning and budgeting
  • Food safety, preparation and cooking

The final session will include an optional topic which can be selected from: Lunch boxes and healthy snacks, Supermarket tour, Healthy mind, healthy body or Gardening for health (select locations only, requires access to a community garden).

*Please note: Food Sensations for Adults is a 4 session program, participants must attend ALL four sessions.

Organisations or community groups

Organisations or community organisations wanting to host a program or find out more details can contact Lucy Butcher on 9463 3215 or ua.gr1490827498o.awk1490827498nabdo1490827498of@re1490827498hctub1490827498.ycul1490827498.

Public programs for individuals

Programs are open to the general public in the Perth metropolitan area, Mandurah and Bunbury.  To make a booking please select a course below and enter your details using the sign up link. For more information, please contact Kim on 9463 3231 or ua.gr1490827498o.awk1490827498nabdo1490827498of@ik1490827498swokt1490827498ud.mi1490827498k1490827498.

Recipe Book cover

NEW! Food Sensations® for Adults Recipe Book!

Foodbank WA’s Food Sensations® for Adults team has just released its first ever recipe book to promote healthy eating. This recipe book will join the existing suite of Food Sensations recipe books and educational resources for children and will be used in the delivery of the Food Sensations for Adults program throughout the state.

This recipe book includes 16 new recipes in an easy- to- read format with five steps and five pictures for each recipe which can be used by people of all backgrounds and literacy levels. It also provides healthier alternatives to take away options such as Chicken Pad Thai, Nachos and Butter-less Chicken to show participants that cooking at home is cheaper and even tastier. All recipes are packed with vegetables, serve 4-6 people and meet a variety of dietary requirements.

Download  your FREE copy of this great resource today! 

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