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Over 80% of the food we supply to feed the hungry throughout WA comes from food donations. We simply couldn’t feed as many people as we do without this generous support.

Food donations come in one of three forms:

Food sourcing and donations

We work closely with the food and grocery industry to source surplus and donated product. This includes product that is out of specification, close to used by date, has incorrect labelling or damaged packaging. It also includes excess stock and deleted lines.

Food drives

Throughout the year individuals and organisations host Foodbank food drives to collect non-perishable food or grocery donations for those doing it tough. Food drives help us stock our shelves throughout the year and provide a variety of items that may not otherwise be available through bulk food sourcing. Find out how you can hold a food drive.

Key Staples Program

Food donations don’t always meet demand and there is often a significant gap between the amount of staple foods that we receive and what is needed to provide a fulfilling and nutritious meal. We therefore partner with food companies as part of our Key Staples Program to produce, process, package and transport essential items such as breakfast cereals, pasta and sauce and tinned fruit and vegetables.

If you would like to donate food to help fight hunger please Contact Us.

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