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Food Drives are a concrete demonstration of your willingness to help feed the needy. When you host a Food Drive you are not only helping raise awareness of the issue of hunger in Western Australia – you are actually doing something about it!

Sadly, hunger affects people all year round and we need more help than ever before to ensure that everyone has access to a meal in times of crisis.

Whether it is at your office, school or community group, collecting canned and non-perishable packaged foods for redistribution to families in need will make a difference!

Downloadable Resources

Click each link to download our Food Drive posters and information sheets!

If you would like to host your own food drive, please contact ua.gr1506047519o.awk1506047519nabdo1506047519of@eg1506047519dirne1506047519kcarb1506047519.eina1506047519j1506047519 or call (08) 9463 3229

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