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Are there really hungry people in Australia?

Yes there are.  Hunger is a hidden crisis in Australia, with over 4 million people experiencing food insecurity at some point every year, 26% of which are are under the age of 19.  In fact, the demand for food relief is rising with 49% of charities reporting an increase in the number of individuals seeking food relief over the last 12 months.

It is also a common misconception that only homeless people require food relief.  However, the main recipients of food relief are individuals and families who have generally low incomes or are unemployed, not just those who are homeless.  The face of hunger in Australia is diverse – it affects males, females, children, the elderly, single people and families, students, employed, unemployed and retired people.

Australians living in regional and remote communities are more likely to experience food insecurity, with Australians living in the country 33% more likely to have experienced hunger in the last 12 months than those living in cities.

Some of the common reasons why people find themselves seeking food relief include a lack of funds to pay rent and bills, and unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical bills.

The facts on hunger in Australia:

4+ Million

people report having experienced food insecurity in the last year


people receive food relief from Foodbank agencies, every month


of those are under the age of 19
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