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Developed by Foodbank WA as a nutrition education resource for primary school aged children, the Superhero Foods characters aim to empower students to make healthy lifestyle choices. Superhero Foods provide a fresh approach to teaching students about nutrition and cooking using key messages and themes linked to the current guidelines promoted in the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating.

Everyday foods that are inexpensive, nutritious and readily available can be “Superhero Foods”. The inspiration behindSuperhero Foods is we don’t need to eat fancy, expensive foods to enjoy good health. A storyline has been developed to enable the dissemination of the Superhero Foods concept. Everyday Foods which live in Healthy Town transform into their Superhero Foods alias to battle the body monsters DecayIllness and Obesity and Zombie food characters which represent discretionary or extra foods. Thirty six food characters have been developed so far, to represent all five core food groups (i.e., fruit, vegetables, breads and cereals, meat/protein and dairy foods).

Examples of Superhero Foods key messages

  • You are what you eat
  • Choose Superhero Foods
  • Zombie Foods invite the body monsters into our bodies
  • Everyday Foods are Superhero Foodsin disguise
  • Eat Superhero Foodsfor a strong mind and healthy body

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